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Review (Amazon UK)
“This book certainly meets its intended objectives and is an excellent read for any BSA/Triumph enthusiast but is definitely a 'must read' for those of us who are big fans of the post '71 models and/or are keen to see a much more objective account of the final years and the eventual demise of our favourite brands.” --The Star (BSA Owners Club UK)

 Mr P J Crawford (Oct 2014)
“Highly recommended. This book will be fascinating to anyone interested in the late BSAs or indeed those intrigued by the final days of the British motorcycle industry in general. As while it states ‘BSA’ in the title the BSA and Triumph brands were inexorably linked and this books explains that situation well. It’s particularly illuminating on many of the ‘urban myths’ which have grown up around the final days and models of the BSA/Triumph Group and using first hand insight, from those directly involved, goes a long way to shed new light on the true picture. ‘Loads of person anecdotes and rarely seen images so definitely one to add to the book shelf.” _______________________________________________

          "Having had a B50 for 10 years I have learnt more from your book and
            DVD than any other publication.  Many Thanks."
David Hurling, UK

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70 minute DVD featuring an exclusive interview with BSA/Triumph's Chief Stylist Stephen Mettam, who reveals some fascinating events and goings on within the Motor Cycle Division. 

Also includes :

  •  9 oil-in-frame Singles, including the T25 versions
  •  November 1970 Lancaster Hotel Launch film
  •  Brochures and advertisements
  •  The Mead & Tomkinson racers, photos and archive film
  •  Works Motocross team overview and archive film

This is a ‘DVD-Video', Region 0, which bypasses the normal region restrictions.

Price £18.00 plus £3 p&p worldwide.

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Full colour 136 page A5 comb bound book, now in its 3rd Edition and covering all of the 1971-1974 oil-in-frame B25, T25, B50 and TR5MX models.
 If you have ever wondered why your electrics box appears not to sit correctly, or perhaps why the front mudguard of your bike looks a little awkward, and what colour it and the other painted parts should be, then the ‘O.I.F. B25/B50 : The Incomplete Guide’ will give you the answers to these and many other queries. Dealing exclusively with cycle parts (always the most muddled aspect of these machines), the book’s 20 chapters cover the likes of frames, exhausts, side panels, instruments etc, as well as comprehensively featuring relevant sales literature and manuals.

Price £20.00 plus £4 p&p worldwide.

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